About the Wave

Pascuales is a powerful beach break pound for pound as heavy as Puerto Escondido, but without the crowd.  Some say it’s heavier.  It handles any sized swell, throws huge barrels and is heavy at just about any size.  Pascuales used to be a “secret spot,” often mistaken for Puerto when “unidentified” photos of it showed up in surf magazines.  But, now it’s on the Internet and has been in several publications.  See all those heavy Mex shots of Brian Conley and Nathan Fletcher in the barrel?  That’s Pascuales.  So, why isn’t it crowded?  Easy.  Because of its power, Pascuales takes care of itself.

Winter Pascuales has chest-high to overhead west swell peaks that throw out hard and fast.  This is when it’s most crowded, because it’s the easiest time to surf.  For Summer Pascuales, or during any major south swell, it’s game on!  Stand on the beach on the big days and you will be treated to thundering vibrations under your feet as the big sets boom outside.  It’s an experience just to watch it.

Info taken from: http://surfmainlandmexico.com

Although it is a heavy wave in front of the hotel it gets much more easier and smaller in the "Boca the Pascuales". That´s the spot right in front of the rivermouth.
It´s about 10min walking distance from the hotel. Most of the time we will do our surf lessons there, but in winter we can do them as well in front of the hotel, because there are many days with a really small wave.

Pascuales Wave Photo

Wave quality World Class   Best Swell Direction South: If magicseaweed.com tells you 5ft Southswell
then it is possible that you´ll get 3 to 4m faces (9-12ft) with beautiful stand-up barrels
Experience Experienced surfers   Best Wind Direction North
Frequency Very consistent
I never saw Pascuales getting flat. There is literally always a wave.
  Swell Size With a swell forecast of 1-2ft and the right swell direction you can find find shoulder high waves.
The wave works up to 16ft+

Best surf is early in the morning when the wind often will blow offshore. Usually the wind direction turns about 11am or midday and it´s rare that you get also an afternoon/evening session with good waves.

Swell forecast on magicseaweed
Type Beach Break with many many barrels   Best Tide  All tides, when it´s small and when the tide comes in the waves can drop very fast
Direction Left and Right   Crowd during the week  Uncrowded
Bottom Sandy   Crowd on weekends  Crowded
Power Hollow, Fast, Powerful   Dangers Rips, Undertow, Currents
The wave is VERY Powerful - even when it´s small it can break boards and bones
If the wave in front of Edgars hotel is too difficult for you, you can always go to the Boca de Pascuales (approx. 1km to the right) where the wave usually is a lot smaller.
Length 50 to 150m

  What to bring Of course it depends on the swell size and your skills what board to bring but with a 6´6 + you´ll be fine on most of the days in wintertime (some surf also with a 5´10) while you should also bring something bigger in summer time.

Edgar and Melqui from the Hotel Real de Pascuales make a great ding repair.
You can also order a custom shaped board from Edgar Alvarez.
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