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The quiet little beach town Pascuales is about twenty minutes from the city of Tecomán.  The twenty or so minute drive from Tecomán to Pascuales is a direct route down a two lane road.  Signs titled, “Boca de Pascuales” along with thousands of tall, luscious palm trees will accompany you down this smoothly paved road (Be sure to watch out for the speed bumps).  At the end of this scenic Hotel Realstretch, you will come to a triangle in the road.  Be sure to ease to the right and the first hotel on your left will have a big fenced in parking lot.  This is Hotel Real de Pascuales.

The hotel offers clean and cheap rooms, right on the beach.  The owner, Edgar, is a supernice person who speaks both English and Spanish.  He is also the shaper of the Pascuales Surfboards.

Tent camping is also available (access to bathroom, shower and cooking facility included).  Some accommodations that are available include Wifi, Air Conditioning (in some rooms) and Swimming Pool.

Hotel Real de Pascuales Logo
 Other conveniences of staying here include:
  • A cheap restaurant right next door that offers great Mexican food and other familiar American cuisine starting at four dollars a plate.  To get to the restaurant just start walking toward the beach from your room or campsite and take a right, passing the bathrooms and you will walk right into the restaurant.  Have a seat, enjoy the fresh air, the ocean view and they will soon come to take your order.

  • A “Super-mini” convenience store on the street, in front of the hotel.  Here you can buy drinking water, snacks and other items.  To get to the store, start walking from your room or campsite toward the street.  Pass through the parking lot unto the street and take a left.  You will see the store on your left.  It is in between the hotel and the restaurant.  Walk up to the window of the store and tell the person inside what you want.

  • Surfboard repairs available in the hotel parking lot of the hotel.
hotel real de pascuales 
Pool from the Hotel Real de Pascuales  Pascuales is an “end of the road” kind of beach town.  Other than one or two other hotels and a handful of small stores and restaurants, there is not much else in this town.  Most people who stop here are surfers.  This town gets a lot of traveling and pro surfers all year round due to the long stretch of empty beach with a hallow, fast, heavy and barreling surf break. 

Waves can get very big here.  A lot of times surfers must be towed in due to the speed and size of the waves.  Bring multiple boards because they will break.  I have heard many times that this wave is similar in strength to the wave at Puerto Escandito (The Mexican Pipeline).

When you’re not surfing or if you don’t surf, enjoy the empty beach, laying in a hammock under some shade or chilling by the pool.  This place is a little piece of paradise.  Enjoy!

Information from: http://mxsteez.com

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