Pascuales Surfboards

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Making of Pascuales Surfboards - Edgar making the shape Edgar Alvarez started to shape his first boards in the late 90s.
In the beginning only for himself, his boards soon became the
favorite choice of many.

He will custom shape your board for your needs.
From Fish to Gun - all his boards have one thing in common:
They are very economic while at the same time they
perform great in the waves.

With the wave of Pascuales in front of his door he got
loads of experience and the perfect testing ground to shape for
these conditions. That´s why especially his step-up-boards
perform incredibly well.

If you visit from another country and you want to order a board
for your surftrip, please contact us at least 1 month before.

CONTACT US if you want to order a Surfboard.
arctic foam
Pascuales Surfboards Grinding

Edgar Alvarez uses the best surfblanks available on the market to shape the Pacuales Surfboards. Here is a list of pro surfers that also use Arctic Foam blanks for their surfboards:

John John Florance, Jordy Smith, Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, Evan Gielselman, Taj Burrows, Kelohe Andino, Tyler Wright, Carrisa Moore, Lakey Peterson, Felipe Toledo, Josh Kerr, Julian Wilson, Nat Young, Sebastian Zietz, Gabriel Medina, Kai Otton, Dusty Payne, Brett Simpson, Mason Ho, Malia Manuel

Making of Pascuales Surfboards - making the inserts Melquiades is responsible for the glassing of the boards.
If you want to, you can put a layer of extra glassing on your board.
It will make it for sure heavier, but at the same time faster and more durable.
Making of Pascuales Surfboards - finished on the beach Custom made Stepup board

Fin Template:

2 3/4
Pinned Round Tail
FCS (You can also choose Future)